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Embrace Industry 4.0 in Your Print Operations Today

18 October 2020

Canon Solutions America has made a very nice video summarizing very well from data optimization to artificial intelligence, the first generation of Industry 4.0. Canon Solutions America invites printing companies to prepare to become smart print factories capable of mass customization and autonomous production by embracing new technologies and unifying workflows. Watch this video for more.

– [Narrator]

The print industry is transitioning from craft-based to manufacturing process-driven, pioneering the next Industrial Revolution.

The first Industrial Revolution, Industry 1.0, took us from manual production to steam-powered engines and the first type of factory production.

Industry 2.0 introduced mass production, the electrification of factories, and coast-to coast communications via telegram.

Industry 3.0, or the Information and Automation Age, was a direct result of
the huge development in computing, information, and communications technologies.

Today, the fact that we’re more connected to our devices than ever before is paving the way for Industry 4.0, where machines will operate independently or together with humans to create a customer-oriented
production line that can collect, analyze, and advise upon data.

Industry 4.0 is changing the face of industries around the globe, and it’s changing today’s print operations into smart print factories.

What does it take to embrace Industry 4.0 in your print operations today?

Industry 4.0 will help unite information technology and operations technology through analytics, big data, business intelligence, cloud computing, cyber-physical smart machines, augmented reality, autonomous robotics, and artificial intelligence.

The first generation of Industry 4.0 is already here, and you’re probably already embracing some of its technologies. In other words, the future is now.

The print industry will be revolutionized through a stream of enabling technologies including web-to-print, intelligent batching, data optimization, design composition, CCM software, soft proof and approval, automated pre-press technologies, preference management, JDF-enabled impositioning, personalized variable printing, production dashboards and analytics, enterprise print management, predictive workflows, piece-level tracking and reprint, as well as predictive service and supplies delivery. Every stage of the workflow will be unified, resulting in a smooth-running operation.

By adapting to Industry 4.0’s processes, you will have the tools to
optimize your labor workforce leverage performance,
automate production lines, and hit operational targets.

This will help transform your print operation into a smart print factory.

Industry 4.0 will allow for mass customization and autonomous production,
helping to create efficient and cost-effective manufacturing processes.

You’ll benefit from tools to help you achieve better operational productivity, more effective use of resources, increased internal and external service levels, and more up time.

The rewards will trickle down to all levels of your printing operation,
generating efficiencies that will yield better cost structures and better market pricing over your competitors.

Now that’s SMART. The future of print is here.

We can help you embrace it.

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