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Welcome to the Smart Factory

We are very pleased to invite you to our LearnWithUs event dedicated to the Smart Factory to decipher the impact of Industry 4.0 on companies in the graphic industries, so don’t hesitate to register for free:

The PrintOClock’s tour de force

I am delighted to share my first INKISH Skype with Antoine Roux, founder of PrintOClock. During this interview in French with English subtitles, conducted as part of “OVER THE SKYPE” INKISH, Antoine Roux tells us how PrintOClock managed the tour de force of making masks during the containment period, when everywhere in France stocks were running out, but also how this health crisis has impacted 1/ the behaviour of its customers, 2/ the working methods of its teams and 3/ the reactions of its suppliers and partners. It also gives its opinion on the “MADE IN FRANCE” put forward by the authorities and public opinion following the repercussions that such a pandemic has had on the economy and on French printing works in particular. He reveals to us the essential criteria to meet success today and tomorrow in Web-to-print, in online printing in general, especially in this context of health and economic crises triggered by the covid-19.

Thanks again Antoine Roux, for being the sponsor of for INKISH France.

The interview was fascinating. Enjoy it!

English transcription

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Web-to-Print: What solution? What resources? What criteria? …

During INKISH Web-to-Print Week, Morten B. Reitoft, Editor INKISH.TV asked me the questions that every printer asks himself when he plans to embark on a Web-to-Print project.

Herewith my answers on INKISH.NEWS:

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Discover the article on INKISH.NEWS:


A better way to segment your customer portfolio into Web-to-Print

Please read on INKISH.NEWS to find out for yourself:

Print competition will be between print supply chains

Supply chain management the key factor of success for the smart printing companies

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The Printers and Industry 4.0 (Part 1)

A paradigm shift is announced in the manufacturing industry and printing houses are also affected.

To understand the introduction and the scope of the Industry 4.0 concept in the printing industry, it is interesting to refer to the initiatives of the European Commission to accompany SMEs towards this transition 4.0 announced as very promising both in terms of operational efficiency and in the innovation of products, services and business models. 

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And whether COVID-19 was accelerating the transition to “the Safe printing 4.0”?

The COVID-19 health crisis has accelerated many trends while slowing down or even halting entire areas of activity for some companies. The printing works have not been spared.

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